Here’s how you can soak up all the knowledge in my new online copywriting course … even though the class is already full!

Robert W. Bly, author of 100 books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” reveals…..

“How to Start and Run a Successful Copywriting Business”

… and Take Your Copywriting Skills to the Next Level -- This Year!

Now get the core course content – for less than 1/10th the regular rate … with our special “fly on the wall” discount tuition offer!

Dear Copywriter (or Soon-to-Be Copywriter):

          When my partner Fred Gleeck and I announced our upcoming online master copywriting course—“How to Start and Run a Successful Copywriting Business” … were a bit overwhelmed by the number of people who applied online—but, for one reason or another, didn’t qualify.

            Well, both Fred and I wanted to figure out a way to help people who wanted to join us.

            So we put our heads together, and we decided to offer an easy and affordable solution which Fred had used in previous programs: He calls this alternative option “The Fly on the Wall”…
            The concept is to set up so everyone who still wants to learn from my new online course as “Flies on the Wall."

            Here's how it works….

            If you join us as a “fly on the wall” attendee, you can watch ALL of the sessions -- live.

            But naturally, as a fly on the wall paying less than 1/10th the tuition for the full class, there are some elements of our Pilot Program you WON’T get -- including:

            >> The ability to participate and ask questions during the twice-weekly training sessions – as a fly, you are in listen-only mode.

            >> You do not receive any personal coaching or mentoring from Bob Bly as a fly on the wall attendee.

            >> You cannot join the Closed Facebook Group for the course – only our Pilot Program students are admitted.

            >> You do not get the weekly class assignments – nor do you get Bob Bly’s personal review and critique of your completed homework.

            As a “fly on the wall” attendee, we are also going give you the ability to watch and listen to the recorded replays  as many times as you like– for FREE!

           This way, you can watch the sessions anytime you want. And, you'll have access to them for years! But, please understand, it may take us up to 24 hours to get the recordings ready for you to access.

            Now, at some point, if you decide you want to take the full  “Start and Run a Successful Copywriting Business” online class – in which you can participate as a full class member live including personal coaching and mentoring from Bob Bly … we’ll credit every penny you paid for your Fly on the Wall participation to your tuition for the full course.

            But the “fly on the wall” option is the best we can do for you today.

Why should you have Bob Bly train you in copywriting?

            Perhaps you should not.

            It’s no secret that the internet is filled to overflowing with a flood of copywriting training programs
– more than you can shake a stick at – that promise to turn you into a superstar copywriter.

            But how do you choose the right online course for you … and separate the legitimate training offered by successful practicing copywriters vs. those who primarily teach rather than do?

            The problem is….

            …You have never heard of the instructors.

            …You don’t know whether they are successful copywriters.

            …You don’t know how much experience they have in the field.

            …You don’t know whether they are still active, working copywriters today.

            …You don’t know who their clients are (if any).

            …You don’t know whether the copy they write actually works for real clients.

            …You don’t know what their clients say about them.

            …You don’t know their copywriting credentials.

            …You don’t even know whether they are good at teaching copy, let alone writing it.

            So here’s my suggestion: When investing your hard-earned money in training in the craft of copywriting and how to become a successful working copywriter, why not do it with a course instructor who you know meets all of the important criteria listed above.

Have you heard of me?

            I’m Bob Bly. And if you’re one of my e-newsletter subscribers, book readers, seminar attendees, prospects, or clients, then you’ve already heard my name … and may even know something about me, my work, and my reputation in the field.

            If so, then you’re at least a little familiar with me … and maybe you like what I do … and me personally. And based on that alone, taking  the "fly on the wall" version “How to Start and Run a Successful Copywriting Business” is likely a safe, - smart,  and eminently affordable and choice for a copywriting course for you.

            As it happens, years ago, a young copywriter I trained went into the business of being a copywriting mentor and teacher when he had less than 2 years of experience as a copywriter.

            I thought, “This guy has balls to declare himself a copywriting guru.”

            But is it really a good idea to learn from a so-called copywriting teacher who has been writing for far fewer years than many of his students? Or who has paper-thin qualifications, and also a miniscule client list not containing recognizable names of top clients?”

            By comparison, my bona fides include:

·    4+ decades of experience as a full-time professional copywriter.

·    Former adjunct professor of copywriting at New York University.

·     AWAI Copywriter of the Year, Gold Echo, and many other copywriting awards.

·     Author of 100 books including The Copywriter’s Handbook, a standard reference work in the field.

·     Have written copy for 100+ clients including IBM, Kiplinger’s, AT&T, and GE.

·     Have earned six figures a year for decades and accumulated a 7-figure net worth from freelance copywriting.

·     Still an active copywriter today working 60-hour weeks—and writing every day of the year.

·     Featured in major media including CBS Hard Copy, Los Angeles Times, Nation’s Business, and many more newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio shows.

·     I write promotions that regularly boost response rates for my clients from 10% to 900%.

·     Have written over 100 articles for publications including Writer’s Digest, Cosmopolitan, City Paper, and Successful Meetings.

·     I have written copy and content for virtually every marketing channel, from radio commercials and video sales letters, to direct mail packages and email marketing campaigns, to websites and white papers.

·     No copywriter alive today has written for more industries than I have—from dietary supplements and investment newsletters, to equipment for refineries and chemical plants, to wastewater treatment and air pollution control, to telecommunications and software, to food and furniture – and many more.

            Now, of the items above, one stands out….

            Specifically, I strongly advise you to make sure your copywriting teacher is still an active practitioner writing for real clients.

            Reason: Marketing is evolving so rapidly today, you want to learn from a copywriting instructor who is right in the thick of it, at the front line, helping clients increase sales and make more money. Only working copywriters are current on and practiced in modern marketing -- and up-to-date on new sales channels and selling methods.

             On the other hand, steer clear of courses from copywriting gurus who proudly proclaim they no longer write for clients. Once they decide to get out of the game and sit on the sidelines, they can no longer keep up or teach you what’s working in today’s multichannel marketing world.

                                                                 You save over 90% off the regular tuition 
                                                       when you select our “fly-on-the-wall” option today!

            As one of my “fly on the wall” attendees, you get the core content for the fraction of the cost of becoming a full member.

            And just to be clear, let me repeat:

            This is not just training on how to write A-level copy, although copywriting is the skill I help you master. It is also NOT just a class on how to write copy -- but also how to succeed as a freelance copywriter.

            You see, in sharp contrast to many who now just teach copywriting, I am in the trenches every day actually doing it—60 hour a week, 51 weeks a year. This is a very different perspective than many classes being offered.

            Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll master as a fly on the wall in this Pilot Program for my new course—“How to Start and Run a Successful Copywriting Business” ….  

Part I: The world’s best-kept copywriting secrets

           First, I give you an in-depth understanding of the most powerful copywriting secrets.

           These persuasion principles have been proven to work like magic for decades, and continue to do so today – both digitally and in print.


           >> The definitive and tested answer on when long copy works best vs. where short copy works best – plus an easy-to-use diagnostic tool for determining the optimal copy length for any promotion you write.

           >> The critical difference between writing A-level copy vs. B-level copy. Hint: It’s not what you think.

            >> The #1 mistake copywriters make that causes clients to take an immediate dislike to your copy … and 3 easy steps to ensure that it never happens to you.

            >> A field-proven 5-word headline formula that can triple response to your emails, ads, and sales letters.

            >> The 3 critical elements of a winning Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Can you name them all and use them persuasively?

            >> What the world’s top copywriters know about making content marketing and copywriting work together that most other copywriters and content writers don’t.

            >> How to craft irresistible and compelling offers that can multiply your response rates and sales up to tenfold – as incredible as that sounds.

            >> This simple trick that top trial lawyers use to win million-dollar judgments and settlements in their cases can also send your copy’s response rates soaring into the stratosphere.

            >> People buy from people they like. Here’s how to write copy that almost instantly makes prospects like you – a lot. And therefore gets more sales!

Part II: YOU: a millionaire copywriter

            Not only does my Copywriting Success Pilot Program give you the tools and knowledge you need to be better than 97.5% of all other copywriters out there today…

            But I’ll also show you step-by-step how to succeed as a 6-figure freelance copywriter – and accumulate a 7-figure net worth – all from your writing!


             >> The 1-page sales letter that launched my freelance copywriting business. It generated a 7% response. I’ll also share the second version that produced 10% response – and show you the simple formula that made them work for me … and can get you leads and clients, too.

            >> How I closed a $25,000 assignment -- when the prospects asked me to come in for an interview to discuss the project -- and I refused!

            >> How to make sure your price is within the client’s budget – before you quote it and without turning them off by asking, “What’s your budget?”

            >> You write a letter that you think is some of your best copy ever … but the client emails you back right away to say she hates it. Now what?

           >> The secret of the “takeaway close” – and how Somers White did it successfully using only 4 words.

           >> The $4.47 mailer that got me a new Fortune 500 client who paid me over $67,000 in copywriting fees -- in one single check!

           >> How to reply when the prospect challenges you with this objection: “I already have a writer who will do the job for less.”

           >> How to get a client to hire you for a copywriting job even when you have zero experience in their industry.

          >> And so much more….

What my students, readers, and clients are saying!

Talvinder Sambih - Bly Copy Training Graduate - Sept 2020 Class

Shane Minte - Bly Copy Training Graduate Sept 2020 Class

Matt Murphy - Bly Copy Training Graduate - Sept 2020 Class

Tyler George - Bly Copy Training Graduate - Sept 2020 Class

Sashu Rodriguez - Bly Copy Training Graduate -Sept 2020 Class

Eric Nielsen - Bly Copy Training Graduate -Sept 2020 Class

James Wolfe - Bly Copy Training Graduate -Sept 2020 Class

            "I don't know a single copywriter whose work would not be improved by reading this book (The Copywriter's Handbook, by Robert W. Bly). And that includes me. After reading it, I am a born-again fundamentalist."
--David Ogilvy, author, Ogilvy on Advertising

            "Bob's copywriting genius allowed me, as one of seven sales agents, to capture over 80 percent of all company sales during my very first year with Micell Technologies, a biotechnology company in Raleigh, North Carolina."
--Dick Barry

            "Fabulous! I thought it was a delight to read, with just the right level of excitement, enthusiasm, and belief in the product. (We are British, after all…) Just thought you might be interested in an update on the print ad (I've run it four times now). Sales: £25,657. Gross profit: £11,627. I'm pleased with the results."
--Andrew Gardner, Care & Comfort Products Ltd.

            "Thanks Bob – it’s a really strong piece – great work. I think I’ll have something else towards the end of next week. I wish we’d started working with you sooner – we could have really used your help. Very few copywriters put the effort in you are."
--James Stafford, Advanced Media Solutions Ltd.

            "Bob is my copywriter and has helped make me millions of dollars by dramatically improving my copy and giving me suggestions that made an enormous difference in my income and life."
--James Lange, CPA/Attorney

            "Very strong open rate and CTR, strong revenue, and overall MUCH better than anything we tested before."
--Jeff McGeary, Healthy Back Institute

            "Bob, you have written some of the biggest smash hits in print for me. Ads you wrote for me 20 years ago made me millions then and are still controls today!"
--Peter Nicholas, Hilife Health & Beauty

            "I am grateful to and for you. Thank you for being a phenomenal teacher and sharing your hard-won, real-world experience and wisdom."
--Neil Dhawan

            "You are on top of your league! I am very grateful following and learning from you for so many years."
--Peter Jovanovich

            “What you do is exceptional, and you'll be hard to replace even if you ever decide to retire. Exceptionally good people, those with unique constellations of talents & achievements, are hard to really replace...people continue to value your work, your books, your advice, your kindness, etc. To us, you are irreplaceable!”
--Juli Ann Weber

Want to start and run a successful
copywriting business – starting this year?

            Now, all else being equal, wouldn’t you rather get training in how to write kick-butt copy … earn an annual 6-figure income as a freelance copywriter – and accumulate a 7-figure net worth – from a guy who has not only done it … but continues doing it – not only because it’s extremely lucrative – but also because I love it!

            Your investment in the fly-on-the-wall version of copywriting training program is just $497. 

            And your total satisfaction is 100% guaranteed … or your money back! No obligation. And no commitment of any kind. You can’t lose!

            So what are you waiting for?

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            Robert W. Bly, Copywriter   

            P.S. One caveat. My copywriting client roster and project schedule, already crowded, are growing at an accelerated rate – probably because the coronavirus pandemic results in many businesses needing more leads and sales.

            And copywriting for clients is my first love and the core of my work. So if I get to the point where doing both the course and my copywriting projects is too much, I’ll have to—with real regrets—close down the course. So I urge you to register today:


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